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Thanks for the input Smokey Joe!

Well I think I am going to go with the RCBS turret then for sure.

As for the powder measure being seperate doesnt matter since I wasnt planing on turning the turret press 4 times to load one bullet and then do another one I was just going to use the Turret as convenince so I dont got to change dies

Also other then loading in 30-06 since it will be my only gun for a while being able to load 2 different loads on the same head isnt as important right now.

All the stages will be one at a time for all the cases I am going to be loading that way I can check and double check everything as I am making each load. Just to be sure everything is fine and I dont find out after that I loaded a bullet without a primer or powder.

So as for Dies I would need from what I have read and noticed I would probrobly need:

- 1 Universal Decap Die
- 1 Full lenght sizer
- 1 Bullet seater

Anything I am missing from this list ?? And do you think another company but RCBS would be better to get the dies from ?? RCBS is nice because I know stores around here carry them but if there is something you think will be more dependable then the extra charges to get it would be worth it I belive

And I know RCBS's sizer dies resize and remove the primer but I rather have a seperate die to remove the primiers before I lube and clean the cases.

Thanks in advance for all this input its been really helpful so far so any input will be great

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