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Thanks for the input Smokey Joe and Wilson!

Redding has a turret press (7 places for dies so you don't have to insert, remove, and adjust) which is also cast iron and appears to be built similarly, although a little spendy. No personal experience, but Redding makes good stuff generally.
They sell a RCBS Turret press at a hunting store here. It has 6 places though not 7. I was actually thinking about starting off with one since it will allow me to after I first properlly install the dies to worry more about reloading then changing the dies. And at 70$ Canadian (about 50$ US) more then a Rock Chucker its not a bad price.

he's to busy using up your tax dollars.
Oh whats his job ??. Just wondering eventhough I am not in the US so its not really my tax dollars and I dont work alot so I dont really pay much in taxes. (I was a highschool student)

Thanks in advance for anything else you input

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