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Zot, underneath the rear sight leaf on some Mausers I have found a little screw that needs to be removed before the sight can come off. It doesn't seem to be on all of them. For instance, I had 3 customers who had went in together and bought 1916 Spanish Short rifles from the Shotgun News. All wanted scopes and the original sights gone. 2 had the screw and one didn't. Anyway, once that's out just play the flame over the sight until you see the solder underneath begin to flow. Then drive it off. For sweating on a front sight, I clean and degrease both contact surfaces, flux sight and barrel, clamp the sight in position and coat the surrounding area with Tic's Anti-Flux (keeps solder from sticking where you don't want it). Then sweat on as if you were repairing a copper pipe. Another product that works well is Swifts' 95 solder paste. Less trouble to apply. The flux is already in the paste. You just brush it on to both surfaces, clamp and heat till it turns black around the edges. George
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