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Thanks guys for the help.

Unfortunately we were unable to find the instructions for the seating die. We do have a (the?) Lyman book but it didn't really have anything that directly addressed this, as far as we could tell.

Following the link that crazylegs provided, I did see some instructions on how to properly adjust the die, and found more instructions on some of the other components as well. I felt kind of dumb posting here but it just seemed like we didn't have any instructions to go by, and the die just didn't seem to be operating by any intuition that i could muster.

That said, i'm going to study up on the points posted here and the instructions from Hornady. I just want to take things slow and make sure i understand what's going on rather than just following directions and assuming the results are correct.

Thanks again for your help.

(BTW LHB, thanks for the write up.)
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