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Iron Presses

DimitriS--Re iron presses--You're right! A cast-iron O-frame single stage press that isn't cracked or broken (something I have never heard of) IS in proper alignment and is plenty strong; you won't/can't hurt it.

They are also heavy. They also last close to forever. If you get a RCBS rock-chucker (the gold standard of single-stage presses) or the very similar Lyman unit, or for that matter the Lee iron O-frame, or the Dillon or Hornady O-frame, and use it hard and keep it clean and lubed, your grandchildren will still be reloading on it and planning to pass it on to their grands.

Redding has a turret press (7 places for dies so you don't have to insert, remove, and adjust) which is also cast iron and appears to be built similarly, although a little spendy. No personal experience, but Redding makes good stuff generally.

They are all built like the proverbial brick pizzeria.
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