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theres one pin holding the barrel in place,
the 2 other pins hold barrel trunion into
receiver, if you use heat you will ruin the
trunion, I've beat the barrel out of a AKS
because it was rusted beyond shooting, to put
new barrel in you have to get right diameter
barrel, 17mm for chinese,23mm for euro, you
can buff the barrel where it enters trunion,
use STP, but its still a solid press fit in,
I used a vise and hydraulic press to push barrel in,theres several sites for Klasnikov
rifles, all have past posts that tell exactly
what you need, parts can be had from AAOK,
K-VAR, Paul the SKSman, , the one place
you should try is WTS/WTB AK web board for parts, I buy parts now cause they will be
hard to find latter with new gun laws.
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