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This may sound looney to some, but my prefered SHTF vehicle would be a full-blown semi with a sleeper and dromedary box. There's more than enough room for the wife and I, the dromedary box is basicly a shed behind the cab used for storage on moving company trucks so there would be tons of room for necessary gear, it's big enough to handle obstacles that would cripple most full-size SUVs, and with 300 gallons of fuel on board it has nearly a 2000 mile range. The fact that it's diesel makes it feasible for me to carry the equipment I need to produce my own fuel from waste vegetable oil if needed. Why a rig and not a diesel RV? RVs are built too light and flimsy. Rigs are much sturdier, more powerful, and have better ground clearance. It would probably be wise to consider some sort of "up-armoring" procedure since it is a big target. Of course, this is no help to somebody without a CDL.
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