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Well, you can see by the previous dates that I've brought this thread from way in the deep dark dungeon. Reason being I just got my Single-Six back from Ruger two days ago. I guess in the grand scheme of things just over two months is not that long, But I was going nuts waiting for that brown truck to actually stop at my door.

I had Ruger fit me up a .22lr cylinder, do the safety upgrade, and reblue the whole deal. Cost me $78.50 believe it or not. well, the pistol is looking very nice indeed compared to what I sent out, they could have done a little better at polishing out a few dings, but for the price I'm quite impressed. I took her to the range today and ran 250 rounds 22lr & mag through the old girl. Shoots about an inch high at 25yds with the rear sight all the way down. I guess that's ok. The trigger is without a doubt the worst I have ever felt. Something is gonna get done to this before I shoot it again. I expected the trigger to be worse when it came back, but the tip of my finger is real sore right now if that tells you anything. On the plus side, the triggers on the other five pistols I had with me feel like a million bucks now.

In short, the Single-Six Looks a whole lot better than it did, but shoots pretty hard. The trigger will get fixed, and then it will be an all around great little shooter. I'd say well worth the silly little price. BTW, S&W charges $150.00 just to do the re-finish. Hats off to Ruger!

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