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I havent dug in my truck in a while (got to repeack and review soon), but here is what I usually keep under the stashed in my truck.

1. 44 mag pistol, 50 rounds
2. lee Enfield Jungle carbine, 200 rounds 303 FMJ (dedicated truck gun)
3. 500 rounds of 5.56
4. 250 rounds of 9mm
5. 250 rounds of 45 acp
6. Water filter and Iodine tabs, collapsible water jug
7. Svea stove with 2 bottles fuel, mess kit, fry pan, pot
8. One week worth of foodstuffs for 2 folk, mostly freeze dried
9. Rope, para cord, tie downs, tow strap, chains
10. Tarps
11. Alice pack
12. Perpetual flashlight (one you shake)
13. White gas lantern
14. Extra parkas, pants, underwear, clothees, towels, toilet paper, baby wipes, Tampons and sanitary napkins (guys, you thinking about your wives)
15. Candles, matches, lighters, firestarters
16. Screwdrivers, wrenches, clamps, hose, siphon, some nails and screws
17. Axes, fishing poles, waders
18. First aid kit, including suture stuff, cold medicineetc. I always keep some serious painkillers in the house (morphine or demerol) that I can toss in a get out bag. I get a script every year for 30 or so, that I keep around for hunting or TEOTWAWKI, toss away the old ones, lots of folks do that, sucks to be hunting 300 miles form anywhere and bust a leg if ya dotn have the pills
19. Booze
20. Blankets, packs etc
21. Jerry can of gas. Also spare truck alyws has a filled back tank with 20 gallons

Here the deal is that there is one way in and one way out of the city, so if a massive quake strikes chances are I am stuck in the city. I live in a minimal fault zone, so its not likely open up here but a good shake is gonna knock stuff down. Figure if I have to evac we can and can survive in the truck for a week or so till the army gets in, if we can stay put have enough supplies between the house and the truck to make do. When the big one comes though, even though I love my swedes and toys, gonna grab either the AR or the M1A, strap on the HP, give wifey the SIG and hunker down

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