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Lee, Whee!

+1 here for the Lee Collet Neck Sizing Die--I have 'em in several cartridges and they work slick. Resize the neck, leave the rest of the case alone--case goes right back in to the same bolt action just fine.

Likewise the Lee Auto-prime. It has its detractors who think the RCBS unit is better (both are hand-held and work similarly) but I have never had any trouble with mine that couldn't be traced to operator error, in untold thousands of rounds.

BTW, the Lee Zip-Trim gadget is Grrrreat for trimming cases to length, using Lee's case trimmer setup. I have the universal socket for it. No electricity, just pull the string like starting a lawn mower. All the cases come out the same length, between the max length and the trim-to length.

Oh, I am NOT a flack for Lee! Just a very satisfied customer.

BTW, Lee isn't perfect--the Lee loading manual is one long ad for Lee products, and just copies stuff from other manuals I understand. Read a scathing review of same--have not looked into the manual myself. And I'm not in love with their cast aluminum single-stage press, nor their progressive. They came out with an iron frame single-stage press--that's more like it!

Customer service is just fine IMX.
God Bless America

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