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LC brass

the mil spec brass is made to a closer tolerance than regular commercial brass. it is thicker thus holds less. The LC brass I got was "remanufactured" So I shoot it up. I adjust my die to full length resize but not deprime. then I do the water test. I will sort by weight capacity. I then use a universal decapper so as to not rework the brass. I will use about 50 out if 200 cases. Or about 50% of what a standard deviation is. I will then just reload that brass until it wears out. Works for me. If you don't have a lot of brass or don't intend to be that picky. LC brass will serve you well. I have not found the Mil-spec brass made overseas to be that close in tolerance. After tweaking the load I have found my model 70 will perform to a 1MOA standard with sorted commercial brass. good enough for Bambie's buddies. The trick here is consistancy. I may be being anal retentive but I trickle charge all my rifle ammo. Nick is correct in saying the Lee perfect powder meaure is accurate with large grain powders. It tends to leak with ball and flake powders. I also use the Lee autoprime hand primer with my Rifle ammo. as with any other equipment read the directions closely and follow them.
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