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Thanks to all for the assistance.
I am not such a gadget hound as some people I can think of, but I do insist on accuracy and reliability.
Hence, the need for a couple of the items mentioned.
Since I am not totally queer for AR15s, the chances of me spending much on extra nonessential trinkets to outfit it with is slim.

However, there is one thing I still need to know.
What the heck can I really use it for?
Eventually, my wife is going to ask why I bought it, and I have no ready answers that are plausible enough to pass as the truth.

I do not consider it a proper battle or large game rifle, due to it's ridiculously designed gas system and limited range. The caliber is one generally reserved for itty bitty stuff like Coyotes, gophers, and crows.
I already have quite a variety of things built expressly for those little devils.
I suppose I can go blast the odd varmint with it now and again, and it does look really cool. Punching paper is fun, but only for a while. I guess I can use it for weaning the girls off of the .22 LRs and getting on to larger weapons as they grow.
Oh well. I have it, so I will shoot it.

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