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Mad Dog,

think twice about those chromed carriers.
the one example I saw was crap. I assume you
are looking in Brownells? keep in mind
that there are ARs and M-16s that are
decades old that still work; as far as
I know there's nothing wrong with the
current surface finishes. if you've just
got to have some shiny stuff on your gun,
go for a match-grade stainless barrel.

for trigger assemblies, the Compass Lake
unit gets a lot of good word. but a good
AR 'smith can do a serious trigger job
using the mil-spec components.

grips; there is a Pachmayr unit (that sucker
weighs 8oz all by itself! not the thing to
put on a 6 lb rifle), Hogue, the ErgoGrip,
and probably a half-dozen more. I tried
the Pachmayr; well-made but heavy as hell
and at a bad angle for me. next one I
want to try is the Ergogrip.

for cleaning the barrel extension, the
mil-issue chamber brush has a brush section
sized to get at the lugs in the extension.
plus, the next time you're at a gun show,
peruse the goodies at the tables of cleaning
stuff. the "toothbrush" units with a big
end and a little end are made for that

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