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I recently acquired a Colt A2 HBAR. 1/7 twist, NATO upper, full length barrel.
Don't ask me why, it was a moment of weakness.
It is very accurate and reliable as it is, but there are some perceived shortcomings I would like to address if possible.
It is my first AR15, and I am a newbie to them, so bear with me please.
It is an entirely different animal than the FALs I am so used to.
If the needful things are not readily had, I will probably just get rid of it, and stick to guns in real calibers, with steel receivers...

First, what are the pros and cons of the Smith Arms hard chromed "Match" bolt assemblies?
It would seem that if ever there were a great place for hardchromed parts, this would be it. For cleaning and lubricity reasons, if no others.

Second, are there any really good adjustable trigger assemblies, and who makes them?

Third, the standard handgrip is a little short in the reach from the trigger finger/thumb web area, to the trigger face. It seems that there must be a better grip that would position the trigger finger a little better for target shooting by moving the web of the hand back a bit.
I know of the Sierra Precision grip, but have not seen one to know if it is what I really want.

Fourth, the thing is a real bugger to clean. Is there some magic tool that gets into the area where the bolt locks up with the barrel, without tearing the damned thing apart?
This is extremely frustrating.

Lastly, any other suggestions for accessories and whatnot would be apreciated.
Thanks in advance for any assistance,
Mad Dog

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