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IMO, the Lee handpress/ portable setup is nearly ideal for those with limited space. I use it primarily because I didn't want to deal with a dedicated bench, as I don't really have a "workshop" or any such dedicated space in my home. It works very well. I only handload 8mm Mauser, but I have had NO difficulties of any kind with getting the job done. All of those people who swore that the handpress would "wear me out"....and that I'd want a bench press soon....were simply wrong. I would imagine that doing straight-walled handgun cases would be even easier than bottle-necked rifle cases. I don't know. In any case, if you are considering getting into handloading, especially a low-volume setup....the handpress is ideal. It is also CHEAP - so, if you wished to "upgrade" later, you would not have much invested in it. Finally, with the handpress, you use standard dies - so again, if you wished to change later, you would have to replace nothing but the press.
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