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I don't have a BOB, but plenty of stuff on hand to throw stuff together. And as much time as we spend out camping it wouldn't take long to throw it together.

The situation would determine the vehicle to bring. The 4x4 off-roader is older and not as reliable, but it would get over anything. 4x4 camper is also older, but drinks gas like crazy. Might be hard to keep fed.

For some situation, the best choice might be the mini-van; great range, good gas mileage and plenty of room for the family and equipment.

Number of guns carried will depend on the situation.

One thing for sure, though ... whether you keep a BOB or not it's important to keep a few days bottled water and a couple hundred bucks in small bills around the house all the time. If you have water, you can last out anything for quite a while.
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