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Survival Plan

Well I am building my survival kit!!! -Especially after seeing what is going on in N.O. I live in Kentucky and luckily have access to my parent's 150 acre farm and we have a few problems here with Tornadoes (rare) but Ice Storms are terrible. We were without electricity for 13 days two winters ago . We got a generator and made it ok. We had access to all the firewood we needed and cooked on the Buck Stove we could go into town for drinking water. But we have a cistren as back-up. The generator was good for powering the lights and one refrigerator. But it used almost 5 gallons of fuel a day!! I took my showers at work.
But back to the survival pack.-- I have done some research and this is what I came up with:
On they have this coleman first aid kit for $20. (has needle, scissors, bandages, 50 water purifing tablets, and space blankets,etc) Also I would get hand cranking radio/led flashlight so you dont have to worry about batteries. I am starting off with these first two items. Then the list goes:
Folding Shovel - Machete- Magnifying Glass+Matches+Butane Lighter-Wool Blanket-Good pair of hiking shoes/boots-Thick work gloves-Dust Mask (Drywall)- Heavy Ziploc Bags-Rope100ft-Duct Tape-Mess Kit-Candles-Signal Mirror- Towel- tarp- small tent- Cans of beans or MREs- Insect repellant- can opener- pure grain 190 proof. This can be packed in a army ruck sack or larger back pack. Then have some coleman fuel, stove, and lantern.
As far as arms go:
Browning Buckmark 1000rds amo
Ruger 22 rifle
.308 Deer rifle
aw heck all the guns and ammo you can carry!!
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