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chrony etc.

Midway list the beta master chrony at $130 US what the current exchange rate is I have no idea. When I said you can be off by .3gr and not see a difference I mean not near max load. I would suggest after you get a few data manuals. and have decided on a load do not exceed the lowest max load listed. but still start at a listed starting load. If there is any doubt at all about a load. ASK!

As I was told in the USN instructor course a long time ago.
"The only dumb question is the one you didn't ask." eg not asking is dumb. I have refrained from giving a lot of advice on finding the best load. I think that should come after you have a firm grip on the fundimentals.

I hope you get many years of enjoyment in your new found hobbies.

Amost forgot. the major powder mfg have load data on their web sites.

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