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Axel Yup
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I just purchased two Kel-Tec P-11s. My intention is to have one set up to carry and shoot and reserve the other for dry fire practice and malfunction clearing drills.

I have a Beamhit 110 dry firing system which consists of a laser transmitter which fits into the gun barrel. The shock of the hammer or striker activating causes a laser pulse to be fired which can then be picked up by the special target which will register any hits.

The problem is that the P-11 has such a short barrel that when I fully insert the laser rod it extends into the chamber so that a snap cap cannot be inserted. This is good for safety because it helps to detect a round in the chamber, but I'm concerned about damage to the firing pin. The manual expressly states that dry firing should not be done with the P-11. I assume this is because the firing pin can be damaged. If I remove the firing pin, will it be safe to dry fire the gun or can some other part be damaged?


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