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Thanks for the input Smokey Joe!

you REALLY need The ABC's of Reloading that I mentioned--everything you have asked about is discussed at length in that excellent volume. And getting answers from such a book is quicker than one-at-a-time over the I'net.
I am going to pick up that this weekend and maybe some other manuals too.

The thing is I rather have people that know about it tell the do's and dont's because a book is written by a aurthor and getting more then one opition/answer on things is always good, that way I can be more sure what I am doing and if it will turn out ok

Just like that little tid bit about IMR powders its something you would only find out if you been reloading for a while so now I know to look out for thouse kinds of changes that might happen to powders over the long run. And one more reason to be extra careful with powders so you dont do something really bad while reloading even if your in the "safe" zone

Asking questions can only do 2 things I think 1) Let you learn more from people who know what they are saying and 2) Annoy people that think your asking dumb questions (and I dont think I am doing number 2 now since I dont see any negative comments only great ones)

So thanks for all the help so far and if you know anything else I should know please post it.

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