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Good idea about getting fit but you do have to realize that some aren't in good shape because of medical reasons, not just letting themselves go. Just an observation.

As for the primary BOB, I have one of those mountain climber rigs that you can carry a lot with little effort. But the place that I have picked out to bug out to, depending of course on the reason of bug out, is about 150 miles away from here. It's a "special place" that I found over the net and drove to check it out. It's up high so in case of flood I should be safe. In case of hurricane or tornado's (lets pretend that they just come and I get up there, the place is a cave so that provides good protection. Also should protect somewhat against nuclear.

The reason that I have all the stuff that I do is because I started to "collect" in 2000 and just picked up things here and there.

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