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Thanks for the tip Wilson!

I am going to look into a Crony then In a catalog that is up to date for a hunting store up here (Le Baron) they list the Betta and its 143$ Canadian is that good ??

So a .3g difference doesnt matter as long as I am close to max. That sounds good.

As a final note i would warn you that reloading can be very addictive. It becomes a hobby within itself. When you get to the point your going to the range to shoot up perfectly good ammo so you can try a new load you know your hooked.
Humm I hear that alot and from the people that I have met in real life that reload. I could use another hobby now that the job I am trying to get into used to be my hobby :P

So should I be looking into faster or slower burning powders ??

Thanks in advance

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