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Thanks for the information Powderman and Paul!

My point is, Lyman has not retested load data for older rounds like the 30-06 since 1967.
That is a scary thought to me and thats why I am posting this thread.

I would be leery of any data in the Lyman book that still shows pressures in CUP form
Does this apply to every manual that still lists in CUP form that they might also be outdated ??.

FWIW, I have access to about seven rifles in 30-06, and that 48.0 gr. loads showed pressure signs in every gun.
Well I worte this into my little reloading notebook I got to write down all of this with big red letters.

For small game, (below deer) 110 to 150 grain bullets, soft point design, will do. For medium game (deer) 150-165 will do nicely. For the big fellas (elk, black bear, etc.) I highly recommend 180 to 200 grain bullets.
Thanks! I will remember this it will help me in decided what bullets to get.

Thanks in advance!

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