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Thanks for the input Smokey Joe.

So this is +2 for Lyman's manual

As for other reloading manual's I will probrobly pick up as many as I can since they dont really expire with there load data and percidures and I rather feel safe that I can check more then one manual for the same load. My chemistry teacher taught us never to trust just one source when we are dealing with dangous stuff

Is it ok if I pretty much always stay about 3% of max below the max even if my gun isnt showing signs of stress ?? Just to be on the safe side ??

Hodgdon's Extreme powders work in all weathers thats good to know. I read it in there little reloading manual they publish but I wasnt sure. Ontario's weather is too wide speard from Northern Ontario in the winter to sourthern Ontario in the summer so something I can count on all the time is great to use

Thanks in advance!

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