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Thanks for the input Wilson! 150gr Seirra's for Whitetails ok I will remember that

Pretty much I willl be hunting moose and deer might get a black bear once in 10 years. So what do you suggest for Moose ?? and also in the same though for black bear ?? Since they are both relativily big.

What about OAL of the ammo ?? I hear you should seat the bullet close to the lands of the rifle for good accuracy. I wont be doing this for the first little while I just want to get used to reloading before I try to get "the best" accuracy I can get but what do you think would be the best way to find the best OAL ??

As for the powders thanks! I am not sure at all what would be better to use. So all the input I can get helps me decided what to try out first

As for the manuals I am gonna pick them up soon when I got to the hunting supply store I go to since they carry them

Thanks in advance!

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