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venerable "'06"

As you must know by now the 30-06 has been around for a century. It is a very good all round chambering for big game. It is not a real good varmint round. you didn't say what you expected to use it for. For most deer size game something in a 150gr bullet will do just fine. For whitetail here in penn's woods I load a 150 gr seirra spitzer boattail bullet. some prefer a 165 gr bullet. I make my load for accuracy first. and use Reloader 15 with that bullet as it gives me the best accuracy, IN MY RIFLE. your rifle will likely shoot something else better. IMR 4895 is a favored powder for the 30-06. I would add that usually the fastest load is not generally the most accurate load. Many people have their favorite load and it might be the best load for their rifle. You will find when you get into the finer points of reloading that rifles tend to be very individualistic. Many of the data manuals give a starting load and a max load. in the beginning start with the starting load and work up watching for signs of excessive pressure. as others have suggested, get a couple of manuals and read them.
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