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Hi Dimitri,
And welcome to the world of shooting! Your post didn't state if you already own and have become comfortable with the 30/06. If not, I would suggest starting with some factory-loaded ammo in the 150 gr. bullet range, and shoot a bunch to get a feel for the rifle. This will give you a valuable supply of once-fired brass as a bonus. Then by all means get a couple reloading manuals (one I can personally endorse is Lyman's 48th) and read it and re-read it! There is an extensive section on the 30/06. I am pleased to see that safety is a prime concern of yours. Reloading certainly has the potential to be dangerous if you are uninformed or unsure of yourself. This would be an excellent time to enlist the help of an experienced reloader, if you know anyone who would assist you. Take your time, be sure to understand WHAT you are doing before attempting to do it, and don't be afraid to ask lots of questions. Anyone with reasonable intelligence, a good dose of common sense, and a healthy repsect for firearms and reloading materials can and will have lots of safe and rewarding experiences enjoying this shooting discipline. Be Safe!
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