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I have a Norinco 1911 that seems to eject the cases wherever it pleases. Some fly over my head, some to the right and some just drop out of the ejection port. I've been shooting it for some time and not had any stoppages. Recently, while shooting with a friend, I watched him shoot my gun and for the first time really noticed this tendency. Also, the last round failed to eject: case head was jammed between feeding lips of the magazine and case mouth had two dents on opposite sides.

There were similar jams a while ago but I thought they were traceable to a lousy aluminum aftermarket magazine. Using other magazines made the jams go away until now (this time I was using a fairly new Mec-Gar 7rd. mag).

I clean the gun after shooting. Always. My handloads are near max. with 200gr. bullets. The gun is in original condition (except for refinish & trigger job) and has been fired probably less than 3000 shots altogether.
The exctractor seems to have a good hold on the case. I don't really know what could be wrong.

I would appreciate any ideas from the more experienced. I'm one of the lucky few members of our shooting club that has yet to have his gun jam during a match, and I'd like to keep it that way!

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