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Ebay...5 Basic Rules of Purchase.

I use ebay all the time.
1) What I have learned is buy nothing from anyone with less than a 25 score. Most all scammers change Seller ID before they reach a score of 25.
2) Nothing from anyone with more than one negative feedback per 100 of his total score. Business owners change hands and use the same ebay Seller ID.
It takes a long time for buyers to notice that this seller has to high of a percentage rate of unhappy buyers. Pay attention to negative feedback and actually read the feedback on your seller for several months previous. The most common thing I have found is that most negative feedback is the same complaint several others made in previous months.
3) Always do a Google search for the item before an ebay purchase. That will tell you what it actually sells for.
4) Always confirm shipping and handling before buying.
5) Never and I mean never from an arrogant seller. Do you really think he will suddenly become a nice guy if a problem comes up?
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