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I don't mean to put down anyone, but I really think you have a lot of book knowledge and not a lot of experience. I too have all those books, and they make it sound very easy, but I also have some 30 years experience as a gunsmith and 50 years of shooting experience. The prejudice against Japanese rifles was real, as I well remember, and unwarranted on the basis of strength. But strength is not all that is involved in making a good and saleable sporting rifle. The Winchester 70 was not especially good at handling cartridge failure, but it was "The Rifleman's Rifle" for 30 years. The main prejudice against the Type 38 and Type 99 was and is that they simply don't work up very well to the modern American idea of good sporters; I previously mentioned some of the reasons. Have a go at it, but (to carry a concealed cliche) don't quit your day job.
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