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My Mossberg 500 came with a 20 inch, fixed cylinder barrel (home defense model). Later, I had it modified to take screw-in choke tubes for shooting trap. The choke tubes extend into the barrel beyond the hole for the front bead sight, leaving just a few threads left to secure the sight. So after shooting ten boxes, or so, I noticed my sight was gone, somewhere in the grass on Range #4.

I want to drill and tap a hole into the barrel, past the choke tube where the barrel wall is thick enough to provide enough threads to hold the sight. Is this an unbalanced idea? I'm fairly 'handy' with the basic tools (I like to think so, anyway), but I don't have a drill press, which seems like a crucial tool for this endeavor. I'd hate to take the gun to a smith for what seems like a pretty straight-forward project. Any advice, anyone?

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