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Always get the best quality scope that you can afford. A $500 rifle with a $29 dollar Wal-Mart special on it is as silly as a $500 pistol in a $10 nylon holster. In both cases, the user has a limited the usefulness of a very capable firearm by using it with substandard "support" equipment. Bottom line...expect to shell out some $$$.

There also seems to be a trend to purchase scopes with more magnification than is needed for their intended use. "More" is not necessarily (or even usually) better. High magnification amplifies the shooter's shakes and tremors and limits the field of view. Most people find it difficult to use a scope with magnification greater than 4x when shooting offhand. Clearly, the varmint hunter, who is going to engage small targets from a prone/bipod position can put greater magnification to good use. Bottom line...consider what the rifle is FOR.

There is also a trend toward scopes with a great big objective lens. 44mm, 50mm, and bigger are common. These big lenses are thought to help "gather light" by some folks...making the scope appear brighter. Frankly, brightness is more influenced by having GOOD glass with high-quality anti-reflective coatings thereon. The big objectives also make it necessary to mount the scope quite high, thus interfering with the shooter attaining a good cheek weld. Bigger isn't "better" in this case.

Ditto for 30mm scope tubes. These bigger tubes allow more range of adjustment within the scope. They are helpful to long distance shooters (700-1000 yards) who tend to run out of "come up" clicks when trying to adjust their elevation for such distances. For most shooters, they are simply an affectation.

In consideration of all this, your 10/22 would probably be well served with a good quality 1.5-5 or 2-7 variable or a fixed 4x. Expect to spend about the same amount you did for your rifle.


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