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You're right in your descriptions. Selecting a scope should depend on the intended application. For instance personally I don't like magnification on handgun and shotgun scopes. If you are hunting thick woods where your longest shot might be 75yds high magnification hurts rather than helps. When hunting thick woods I'll go with open sights or a fixed 4X or less scope. If your hunting a mixture of woods and cropland a good variable like a 3x9 would be called for. If your shooting varmints at 500 yds you might want one of the 24x scopes. It all depends on your intended use and terrain. The best thing to do (I think) is to visit your local gunsmith or gunshop when wanting to purchase a new scope. You won't find K-Mart prices, but you aren't likely to go home with a $300 scope to shoot tin cans at 50 yds either. I hope this makes sense. It's late and I'm tired. George
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