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This is connected to a discussion I'm having on "Cowboy" regarding having a top-notch SA Ruger built. Gunslinger seems to know these guns REAL well, I'm extremely grateful to be able to thrash out details of a customized piece with somebody who clearly knows what they're doing. And I'm pretty sure I'll be dealing with him for most if not all of the mods in question.

The one thing that doesn't seem to be common on customized Vaqueros/Blackhawks is addition of a TRUE rear combat sight...I mean a fixed two-dot setup in Tritium such as would be common on a 1911 or Glock or whatever.

BUT: I'd like it mounted further forward than stock, and the rear upper part of the topstrap rounded so that the thumb doesn't "snag up" on the hammer in speedwork. Freedom Arms sets up their adjustable-sight models in this fashion, you can actually fan 'em if you wanted to, in stark contrast to a Ruger adjustable-sight model.

I'd like to know how much bux a gunsmith charges to do this sort of swap on, say, a factory fixed-sight DA revolver such as a fixed-sight K-Frame? Second, does anyone know if it'd be easier to start with a Vaquero's "SAA-type small rear sight channel" and carve a dovetail in it, or start with a Blackhawk and do a sight as a replacement for the factory adjustable sight but set "further forward" and then round the upper rear of the topstrap?

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