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I was looking at a friend's Winchester 94 in .44 mag the other day. Well in truth I was looking to buy. He needs the money and I can not resist a good gun. The gun looks used but not abused.

While examining it I found some interesting features or maybe they are problems. The gun has been in his closet for a few years since he bought it at a gun show.

I determined with a round in the chamber ready to fire, with the hammer down or back, I can not put another round in the guns magazine through the side panel. If I move the lever down to open the chamber a half inch I am able to load the gun easily. At this point the last round I load wants to slide back so it is ready to be loaded into the chamber.

The other think I found funny is the trigger feels loose. I can get sideways movement from the trigger.

Not being very familiar with lever action guns, (the only other lever gun I shoot is a Browning in 45-70) is there a good book or two I should get

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