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Wild, come on. I've been there. There is no way in hell that Alaska has malls

Seriously though, my area of Northern VA has about 6 malls within a half hour or less (Tysons, Tysons II, Springfield, Landmark, Fair Oaks, and Potomac Mills)

I have gone over in my head what I might do if there was an incedent involving gunmen (robbery or terrorism). Quite simply, I'm not sure what I could do. Malls are big places with lots of places to hide. I'm not gonna go chasing down bad guys.

I would pretty much funnel as many people to safety as possible, call the police on my cell phone, and use my pistol only if I have to for defense, or I have a for sure kill shot. Even then, I would have to carefully double check that a bad guy didn't have a bead on me.
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