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With all due respect to the Armorer(I too worked in an Armory),rotating mags is a good idea. However, I have had two glock magazines(17 round) left loaded with 16 rounds a piece finally take a set. They eventually reached a point where I had malfunctions. I have a factory colt 20 rounder(ar-15) that finally crapped out. But were talking years here! If you "download-by-two and use Wolf Springs; your grandkids will still be using them. High capacity(double-column) suffer more than single column. I also built racing engines and have seen valve springs weaken! But again we're talking about lots of Heat, Moisture and Vibration. P.S. Glock 17 springs work well in my glock 19+2 when they sag! Stretching a spring will get you home but does not cure the problem! Good Luck and Happy Shooting!
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