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My biggest problem with my wife at the mall is getting her to spend money. She shops for hours there and leaves without buying. (yeah, that's a complaint???)

When she goes to the mall, I go along and so does my carry piece. I don't worry about OBL's guys, just the local "gangsta's". Been more incidents involving them than terrorists (or they the local chapter?). Recently moved (when I retired) from the Denver area. The Aurora Mall (Denver suburb) was the local parade ground for all the gangs of the area. Several shootings, one turned into a shootout, in the mall. So much for foreign terrorists (although is is rumored that several gang members were from a country that adjoins our southern border and their immigration status was questionable).

My military service has made me just paranoid enough to avoid groups, notice strange (or out of place) people, and to ratchet up the awareness when necessarily. Actually turned and stepped in front of someone getting ready to put his hand in my wifes purse during one trip. He looked like he was going to fill his pants and ran.

I refuse to be held hostage by the thought of terrorism. I will just make sure that I am aware of what is happening around me.
My definition of Gun Control--- A steady grip and hitting your target.

"In God we trust, all others are suspects."

"If I shoot all the ammo I am carrying, either I won't need any more, or more won't be of any help".

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