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Rob, I've noticed that magazines which are not as finely polished inside the well as they are on the outside will develop a shiney slickness from being reloaded and unloaded. Could this be the reason they are easier to load rather than a weakening of the magazine spring? It could be that the very hard spring burnishes the inside of the softer magazine sheet metal from sliding up and down and facilitates loading. I know that bolts tend to slide in and out of battery easier after a considerable number of rounds have been fired and my "45", which was match conditioned in '53 failed to return to battery when it was new but after a few matches it "wore in" and hasn't failed to go home since. The recoil spring is original and has been under tension all that time, except for cleaning. I fired "hard ball" ammo w/o a buffer so it was put through a pretty tough test for reliability. A tougher test would be in practical shooting contests. All my shooting was National Match and Marine requalification courses.
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