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You guys are absolutely right regarding naming him and warning others. I'm going to give him one more chance to make it right over the next day or so, and if not, I will publicly name him (maybe I'm too merciful, I just want to be fair before he gets bad press all over)...not to spite him or to get back at him, but to prevent others from enduring the same frustration and wasted money.

If someone had posted a similar experience about him, I certainly wouldn't have had him touch my pistol. I'll let you know what happens in the next couple of days.

George, thanks for the tip on the Wilson sight. However, I looked into this option and the cut is not the same. Both are 60 degree X .300" wide, but the Heinie is .060 deep while the Wilson is .075. Using the Wilson would require rewelding and recutting the dovetail.

Many sincere thanks for the input...I'm rather new at getting work done by gunsmiths and its good to have confirmation that this type of service is unacceptable.


PS Greg check your email
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