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Ringo, like all humans, we make mistakes from time to time. The problem he may have ran into is with the extra depth of the original dovetail there would not have been enough metal left between the bottom of the old dovetail and the top of the firing pin hole to make the proper depth cut for the Heinie dovetail. There are ways around that also but, Wilson makes a dovetail tritium front sight that stands .160" and takes the same dovetail as the Heinie . If he will swap out with you there would be no need to recut that dovetail. You won't lose the quality of your sight picture by reducing the height of the front sight. When you are aiming it will look the same as always. Had it been me installing it, once I had measured the depth of the original dovetail and found out that these problems were going to occur I would have advised you to choose a different sight or at least let you know up front what to expect. These measurements have to be made prior to installing a sight to ensure there is enough material there to cut. George
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