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I've got AGI's FAL video. If you're not familiar with the FAL it's a good primer. But that's all I think it's good for. They showed basic takeddown, cleaning, some rebuilding etc.They only show one or two ways of doing things where I've seen other ways of doing the same things (that could be a regional difference though). I much preferred the ARS tape on the FAL. Much more detailed. He goes into detail on each variation of the FAL. The down side to the ARS tape is that the editing leaves quite a bit to be desired, as it is an amateur camcorder recording. But I didn't buy it for the motion pictue effects, I bought it for the technical information of which there is an abundance.

This could be an abberation but if it's indicative of the rest of the lineup I don't think I'd waste my money. Perhaps buy one tape and see if it's what you're looking for and then decide.

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