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I find my Mossberg 500A in 12 gauge feels as though it might benefit from a shortening of the buttstock. I am 5'9" and wear a 33" sleeve, weigh 170, the pull measured from the buttpad most directly to the center of the trigger is about 13 and 5/8".

Question 1.

What are the merits/contraindicators for shortening the buttstock by say 1/2" to 1"?

Question 2: Can I lop the back end off the synthetic stock (I believe it to be factory) as if it were wood and refit the recoil pad?

Question 3: If I do this is there any reason to change the angle of the butt, would that change the way the guns shoulders?

Question 4: How does one go about judging in a more than cursory way whether a stock fits?

Thanks for you input.

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