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Remove parts? You may modify parts but shouldn't remove them. They were put there for a reason and may have a role in the built in safety system of the gun.

Witness the rebound slide of the S&W revolver. It not only serves to return the trigger, and as a base for the hammer block, but also serves indepently as a hammer block in its own right since it prevents the hammer from rotating fully forward when the trigger isn't depressed (the step of the rebound slide intercepts the step at the base of the hammer). Early Taurus guns had this feature but later ones omit it (that's why I'll always take a S&W over Taurus, even if it's $100 more).

While it's not hard to tune the trigger of a S&W revolver, it's also not a task to tackle without training. Better to take it to a reputable gunsmith than have a buddy pry off the sideplate or try it yourself. If you would like to do it yourself, try attending a NRA Gunsmithing class. You can find the NRA via the links to this website and NRA classes are more affordable than the factory armorer's school.

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