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DOC you are such a whiner!!

It is true that electroless Ni is not an anodizing, but a pyrolyzing technique of applying a coating (and generally inferior in withstanding corrosion than hard chrome anodized on).

NP-3, however, is electroless Ni with PTFE (Teflon) in it, and is quite corrosion resistance.

Further, my esteemed fellow colleague, if you REALLY want to get into a coating vs. plating discussion, I will have Jack Fuselier come over here and rip your ears off!

Seriously, there was a good discussion of coatings vs. platings and other methods of corrosion resistance on the 1911-1 newsletter a few months ago, including bluing, parkerizing, hard chrome, Ni, both electroplated and electroless process; given sufficient motivation, and reader interest, I may perhaps share this with the forum.

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