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Rich Lucibella
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We'd like to thank Mac Scott and Doug McDougall of Scott, McDougall and Associates for their help in making the Gunsmithing Forum such a success. Mac's been posting from day one and has done a great job for us. We are in his debt.

Fortunately, for Mac, business out in California is booming and his online time has been greatly reduced. As a result, he's requested that we replace him as Moderator...our loss. We look forward to seeing Mac's posts as often as possible and wish him and Doug the very best. Don't forget to stop by and visit their site at .

Fortunately for us, George Stringer has agreed to head up The Smithy and we'd like to welcome him as our newest Moderator.

George's gunsmithing career began some 23 years ago during his 12 year hitch with the Marines. Since then, he has practiced his trade in North Carolina, Indiana and, most recently, Kentucky. He's been a frequent visitor to The Firing Line of late and we are proud to have him on our team.

A bit more about George's work may be found at .


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