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Bought a 9mm carbine from a gun show last year, mainly because I had never seen something quite like that and couldn't believe it was only $120 (used).

Whoever had it previously shot the SNOT out of it. The innards were worn severely and it wouldn't fire more than 3 rounds. Sent it in to HiPoint, got back basically a new gun with the doodads that didn't come with it from the show (sling, cleaning kit, takedown tool, sight rail, manual).

Now the thing is one of my favorite firearms. Absolutely reliable with NO firing/feeding problems in...jeez, 1000 rounds? Dead-on accurate at 50 yards with a cheap red dot. I mean soda can accurate. Everyone that shoots the thing loves it.

Can't speak for the handguns, but love the carbine. Oh, and the sound it makes is rather distinctive...

PS: They give you a couple mags "for your trouble".
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