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I have a problem with metals rusting after I touch them, and for my handguns I've had good luck preventing too much corrosion by wiping them down with a grey commercial silicone cloth after shooting them (avoiding the front of the cylinder to keep the cloth somewhat clean), and then by wrapping them in a silcone "treated" cloth before locking them away in their little plastic boxes for the ride home.

As far as silicone "treated" cloths to wrap the revolvers in (so far I only own revolvers), I've had good luck with the "Gun Sack" pistol wraps, but I've also had excellent results with terry towels that I've sprayed with cheap can of silicone "lubricant/water displacer".

I used to find them rusted and corroding after a short time in their little boxes, but now after a quick wipe, and a nice wrap up, they hardly seem to corrode even if I wait a day. And I can store them "long term" (like months) without problems either (after thorough cleaning and oiling of course!!).


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