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I can't remember the name of the trigger but I love them, I have them on both of my .45's and if I were to get another .45 one of the first things I would do is put on the (name is on the tip of my tongue someone help me here) same black skeletized plastic trigger.
The alluminun triggers never fail at cutting into my finger when I shoot for any length of time. I was shooting someone's gun last week and it wasn't long before I couldn't shoot his gun anymore because my trigger finger was so sore. The gun's owner said maybe I had my finger in wrong, no matter how I repositioned my finger it got sore. So I realized that it must be a gender thing. Women have softer skin and men's skin is actually tougher. If there are any other women out there who have had this problem I would be curious. Its the alluminum triggers with the small groves that are the culprit. I like the other trigger for the look, feel, function, etc. They're great.

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