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My father bought the c-9 a few months ago. after making fun of him for buying something so ugly and cheap, i noticed the carbine and picked one up.
My carbine has been great. fit and finish is pretty low quality, but its great shooter. i have well over 2000 rounds through it now and i couldnt imagine a better plinker for the money.

My fathers pistol has far less rounds through it. again, poor fit and finish, but its shoots great. it is pretty accurate. he has had some problems though. the firing pin broke after about 300 rounds. no problem, sent it back and a week later it was fixed and he had a new free mag. One of the original 8 round mags doesnt feed reliably at all. the new free one and a 10 rounder both work fine with no feed problems.

lifetime warrenty, and great customer service. if you get a bad one, run it over, send it back, and get a new one.
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